NWTC currently has two (2) separate facilities for youth aged 12 – 17 years with behavioral and emotional difficulties, many with substance abuse issues. Females who have status under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act and who have been identified as requiring residential care are served. Students with severe mental and/or physical handicaps are unsuitable to the physical environment and program structure.  Our main facility (Kihew House) is located in rural settings on an acreage. This centre provides a safe and nurturing, country home-like environment. This natural environment promotes health and enhances well-being. The short distance to the city provides a variety of shopping, recreational and entertainment opportunities.

Our T-SIL program (Grandmother Turtle House) provides Transitional Supported Independent Living (T-SIL) – a community-based program that provides housing and support to young girls who have completed our treatment program. We help these young girls in the program to acquire the skills and experience needed to make a successful transition to independence and adulthood, utilizing all they have learned in the treatment program. These clients attend public school, may work part-time if they wish, learn to budget, cook meals, shop for groceries, etc., all under the support and guidance of a Home Provider. Clients in this program also continue to receive individual counselling, group counselling (when necessary) and take part in many of the cultural/spiritual activities. They are still connected to the aspects of the treatment program that they may need to access if they encounter difficulties.

Our programs are licensed and accredited, designed to meet the needs of referral agencies, youth, their families and communities.

We offer a structured environment where clients are able to learn through rewards and consequences.


A therapist from our Clinical Team meets with the clients for individual sessions once per week. Monday through Thursday therapeutic groups are facilitated. The therapist also works with a team of Psychologists to provide the very best therapeutic care.

Through daily living, recreational activities and individual and group counselling, we believe that each youth can acquire the skills necessary to move on and be able to contribute productively in society. We work with each individual youth, their caseworker and their family (when appropriate) to develop a plan which will aid them in achieving their individual goals and planning for their future.


The spiritual component allows for healthy development of Aboriginal identity and the acquisition of skills to assist youth in their spiritual development.


NWTC has two (2) official on-site schools – an education component in partnership with Aspen View School Division and funded by Alberta Learning.


A Follow-Up/Aftercare Program is also available for our youth who have completed the program. In this way, we are tracking outcomes for treatment success, offering continuing support to past clients and to help us determine how to continue to strengthen our program.